Karibu Pachikonjo Beach Resort

Pachikonjo is a quaint beach resort situated in the stunning and tranquil south side or Tanzania's economic hub, Dar Es Salaam. Unlike, many Dar Es Salaam Beach Resort, Pachikonjo has a unique relationship with mother nature. The resort gives you exclusive access to the quiet, clean and dramatic Kigamboni beach.

We think Pachikonjo Beach Resort is Dar Es Salaam beach accommodation at its very best, but don't just take it form us:

'I love this place. I spent one of my most memorable nights on the Kigamboni side of Dar's Beach there. Sleeping outside on the upper balcony on a full moon night with the amazing breeze of the ocean blowing away. And Of Course, the company of a special someone. ūüėČ Pure Magic' - Biche, Chick About Town.

'What I appreciate the most is the privacy. Since it's not crowded with people you have the freedom to explore and enjoy the beach as much as you'd like and experience your true self in its peaceful silence. Without forgetting the beach house from which you can enjoy the ocean view and sunrise. It's not just any beach resort to me but where I can fully experience the essence of the East African coast' -  Christa Ngonyani- Fashion Blogger.

One or two of my standout moments in Tanzania has been spent in this spectacular beach resort, near Dar Es Salaam. It offered a perfect place to turn my phone off, put my feet up and have an early morning sunrise swim with spectacular views. 10/10 for Dar Es Salaam Beach Accommodation. Ian-Digital Marketer

We have our own Dar Es Salaam beach!

Unlike, many of the Dar Es Salaam beach locations closer to the city, ours is clean, quiet and is beautifully framed by some of the best dramatic landscape of any Dar Es Salaam beach! Clearly, we are proud of Pachikonjo Beach Resort and would love to share our beach with you.

Our Dar Es Salaam Beach Resort has two types of accommodation: We have a spectacular traditional Tanzanian beach house available with a double room and a private room with two shared shower rooms.  Downstairs we have a huge fridge/ freezer and access to indoor and outdoor (BBQ) self-catering facilities. The beach house is the best way to enjoy our beach resort because the ocean breeze is a soothing soundtrack and it keeps you cool during the night.

You can also enjoy our Dar Es Salaam beach from our smaller, private dorm accommodation. The Dorms reside closer to the beach and the indoor self-catering facilities. It is the perfect place for a private nights sleep and early morning swim. No matter where you stay with us, what keeps our visitors coming back is the beautiful landscape, the peaceful swell of the sea and our amazing Dar Es Salaam beach. 

Like us, you will never tire waking to the sound of the sea and eating mango from the village on our porch. Dar Es Salaam Beach resorts do not get closer to nature, more tranquil or peaceful! Come and enjoy our Dar Es Salaam beach and get in contact with us below! 

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