About Us

About Pachikonjo Beach Resort- Beach Accommodation- Dar Es Salaam

Now that you have found us here at the Pachikonjo Beach Resort let us tell you a little bit more about ourselves.

The land, which Pachikonjo stands, has been in our family for generations. For even us, many of our favourite memories of holidays and family reunions took place at the Pachikonjo Beach house. As a family we love our slice of paradise and would like to share it with you too: if you wish to enquire about a booking please get in touch.

Where we  at Pachikonjo come from.

Pachikonjo roughly translates to ‘Birds Nest’ in the Ngoni language (a Zulu dialect) from the Ngoni tribe; this is where our own roots lay. The Ngoni tribe’s history starts in southern Africa which they called home until the 1820’s when widespread tribal conflict, known as the Mfecane war, led to a mass migration often referred to as the great scattering; our ancestors could have crossed the Zambezi River as early as th3 1830’s settling in the Viphya Plataeu (now part of Zambia, Malawi and the Matema district of Tanzania). It took 20 years of traveling over thousands of miles through Mozambique and Zimbabwe for our ancestors to find a new hom


Pachikonjo comes from the Ngoni Tribe
The Matema district sits between Mbeya and the tip of Lake Nyasa which is the boarder to Malawi.

Although, our ancestors’s history has been quite turbulent our aim at the Pachikonjo Beach Resort is to make sure that our customers can appreciate the beautiful and awe inspiring  scenery and indulge in the slower pace away from their busy lives. We offer a range of facilities at Pachikonjo that you can see on our rooms. But for now- here are our personal favorites!

Our Best Bits At The Pachikonjo Beach Resort!

The area is private and extremely quiet which allows anybody at the beach resort to dedicate their thought to relaxation and medication. As the resort stands at the top of the cliff above the beach we boast spectacular views  but only  a short walk down the stair case you will find yourself on our beautiful, clean and largely deserted beach which is fantastic for a cooling morning swim at high tide or a long walk in the shallows at low tide. The fishermen from the local villages are often seen in the distance working their nets and there is a seemingly never ending array of boats and dhows passing by.

A personal favorite of ours here at Pachikonjo is an annual family reunion- this year was a new years party under the stars. The Beach Resort’s facilities are perfect for a large group to come together, BBQ and drink your cold beverage of choice. There are several spots which are particularly beautiful to relax under the trees for shade, while the food and drink is served in the beach house and enjoyed on our balcony. The beach is so close that while the adults catch up the kids (or big kids) can build sandcastles and splash in the sea. (Here is the best bit) The warm nights but cool breeze means that the climate is perfect- If you can take a blanket out onto the grass the stars are the brightest that we’ve ever seen. Its a perfect view to drift off to or continue the nights festivities.

If you wish to share some of the fantastic memories that have been created here at Pachikonjo Beach Resort we wish for you to get in touch.