Celebrate Eid in Dar Es Salaam at Pachikonjo Beach Resort.

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Celebrate Eid In Dar Es Salaam at Pachikonjo!

This last month has been a very eventful one for us at Pachikonjo Beach Resort- Especially, the fact that many of our friends and family have been taking part in the holy month of Ramadan- the month of celebration and sacrifice is now, however, coming to an end. So, the question really is – where will you be celebrating Eid?


The Ninth Month.

For those of you who are unacquainted with Ramadan, it is the ninth month of the Muslim year; throughout this month, participants sacrifice food and drink when dawn breaks until the sun sets. It is a month of prayer and spirituality for Muslims all over the world. You can see this a little bit like Lent for Christians in the run up towards Easter. Just like lent, there is much more to Ramadan than fasting; this is the month in which Mohammed, the Muslim profit, received the holy text, the Quran. The month, of thirty days, is set aside for Muslim’s to recite the Quran more eagerly- with five daily prayers and before and after eating, it is expected that the whole texts is recited in the holy month. Ramadan is also the month in which, those who are able, make their pilgrimage to Mecca and it is also a month of  ‘Zakat’ (Charity); charity also extends to avoiding ill speech, loosing your temper, arguing and malicious behavior.

You might be wondering, if there is a deeper meaning? Yes, you are spot on. The act of fasting is not simply depriving your body of nutrients, it is to demonstrate your dedication to God and to focus your mind to a spiritual plan. It is a month of perseverance, piousy and peace- are there any better things to celebrate!?

‘The Month of Ramadan is one in which the Quran was sent down as a pure form of guidance for mankind. In it are clear teachings showing the right way and the criterion for judging truth and falsehood’ 

Taking on the challenge

Last year, in an act of solidarity to one of my closest friends, I thought I would challenge myself to the fast. I am not a Muslim, nor did I pray but there was something quite special in joining somebody who was. It is defiantly easier, sticking together than me stuffing my face with a hungry onlooker. It honestly, took every ounce of strength I had in me. It wasn’t just the long, hungry days, where temptation was everywhere but the constant lethargy caused by the lack of sleep. Eating late at night was no problem, but it was having to wake up a couple of hours later to grab a quick bite before the sun started to rise the next morning which really took its toll. I think, to really appreciate something you have to forgo it for a good length of time- although, I was already big on food, it taught me to appreciate every mouthful and I started to appreciate the littlest, simplest things that we all take for granted. To quench a dry mouth on a hot day is a feeling I will keep cherishing for the rest of my life.

‘For a true Muslim, end of Ramadan is not the end but the start of a new journey leading towards the Jannah’

Lessons Learned

After a month of fasting, the light at the end of the tunnel is Eid. Eid Al Fitr is a three day holiday marking the end of fasting and, hopefully some form of spiritual graduation after a month of further enlightenment through hardship. In essence it should be the day where the lessons learned from the past 30 days will be permanently implemented and taken into the rest of your life.

There are whole days in Bengaluru consumed by a vast community banquet, Mosques filled to the brim with food put together by friends and family in Birmingham and no doubt the grandest of celebrations in Dubai.  Wherever, you are, the object is to dress in your best, come together and immerse yourself in a sense of community with friends, family and neighbors.


Why not celebrate, with us?

For us- there could be no better place to go, other than Dar Es Salaam Beach Accommodation. Pachikonjo Beach Resort has a perfect beautiful open area, that is lit at night from the beach house, that can host as many people as you see fit. There is space for a bonfire to cook and eat around, space for a makeshift dance floor all with the soundtrack of the sea swishing and a cooling breeze if you have gotten a little excited with the dancing to our PA system in the beach house.

After a night, celebrating, the best part of our every day, is the sunrise. Set directly in front of the beach house you can see the sun swell out from the sea. Shimmering crimson and gold that splashes up onto the beach crowded in tiny sand crabs. It is the perfect time for a swim- when the sea is calm and to wash away yesterday and welcome a fresh, brand new day.

The core values of Ramadan are exactly the same as ours; peace and prosperity of mind.


‘Ramadan is the month of Allah, Whose beginning is mercy, whose middle is forgiveness and who’s end is freedom’


Eid Mubarak!!

No matter where you spend Eid, make sure that it is a good one and may the lessons learned take you to happiness. We wish everyone, no matter what religion to join in on the celebrations!

Eid Mubarak!

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