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Most Endangered Animals according to the UK

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Most Endangered Animals according to the UK

I would speculate that majority of tourists that make the trip to Tanzania are either planning to climb Kilimanjaro or go on Safari- and rightly so! Tanzania is  very lucky to have majority of East Africa’s most  highly regarded National parks and famous landmarks and this it is what attracts so many foreign visitors from around the globe. 

I came across an article recently that quizzed 100,000 Britons to see which animals they thought were endangered and which animals actually are endangered. It comes from a UK based Safari company called Mahlatini that operates in several countries in Southern and East Africa. I thought it was interesting as there are hundreds and thousands of Britons traveling to East Africa every year to see the world famous big five and sleep under the stars like the Lion King- Britons have a big interest in wild animals (Thanks Sir David Attenborough). We all know that the human race is having a massive impact on the amount of sustainable habitats and too many animals are looking at dwindling numbers and unnecessary extinction- thanks to us human’s. In light of this, I do feel that it is important that we know what animals are endangered and know what needs to be changed to stop rubbing out all other life on earth.

Now, Britain isn’t known for its wild life around the world. I can imagine it depends on who you talk to, but the Loch Ness Monster, Haggis or a Dragon are the only impressive animals there. Maybe a Stag, Highland Cattle or a Salmon too but they have nothing on a Springbok or Wilder beast, so I would bet on Britons not being the best informed about the worlds most endangered species… and looking at the results it’s better that I expected. Have a look at the article for yourself?


If I had a stab I think I would have said Panda would be the most endangered too- it’s very interesting that they are only vulnerable. The most British thing in the universe is thinking a Red Squirrel is more endangered than a Great White Shark or the Orangutan.

I think in the UK we depend on the media and what is of interest to the most people and the Panda bear has hit the news almost a million times for living in Edinburgh Zoo. They are very mysterious and are almost only known in the UK for being in captivity so that might explain the panda panic. This is especially true for the younger generations who also saw the Polar Bear as second most critically endangered (another poster animal). It seems like the biggest, most interesting animals get the coverage from charities while animals like the Orangutan, which isn’t exactly known for its popularity or good looks, are over looked. Although, there are a few miscalculations its heartening to see that majority of the critically endangered are higher than the animals we shouldn’t worry too much about right now.

What is important to note, especially as we are based in East Africa, that the African Elephant is consistently high in the results. There has been a lot of media interest in the long battle against poaching and the ivory trade. Although, the African elephant isn’t considered critically endangered, it is currently one of the quickest perishing animals on the planet. What is scary is that those involved in the ivory trade are quite happy for the Elephant to be extinguished as the vast amounts of raw ivory that they have horded sky rocket in price. The death of the elephant means ivory only becomes more exclusive. Thankfully many around the world want this forced extinction to stop, including Prince Harry, which explains why Brits hold the Elephant higher than the three critically endangered animals.

I don’t know about you, but I found the reading quite interesting. I would love to see what the results look like for Americans….

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