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Dar Es Salaam Beach Accommodation with Two Very Different and Unique Character at the Pachikonjo Beach Resort


We have an array of rooms and facilities at the Pachikonjo Beach Resort-Dar Es Salaam Beach Accommodation- that can be booked out on request by contacting us below.

There are two buildings offering two very unique experiences for the night and day so here are the details of our packages.

Pachikonjo Beach Resort Beach House

70,000 TSH Per Night

Shared Bathroom and Shower Facilities

Self Catered

Private Balcony

Shared Balcony

Fantastic Views


The beach house is the perfect location for anything from romantic couples retreat to a family get together. Inside there are two shared rooms, each with one single bed and a double bed facing out onto the shared balcony and the spectacular easterly views. There are two shared shower rooms and toilets in the rear of the building- one upstairs and another downstairs and another separate toilet and shower facilities can be found just outside the rear of the Beach House (which is perfect for washing after a day at the beach before going into the building itself). Each individual room has access to a private balcony and access to the shared balcony at the front of the building; from here you can see the iconic Pachikonjo Beach Resort views that few Dar Es Salaam Beach Accommodation can boast. There is nothing better than enjoying the cool sea breeze and the sound of the waves before drifting off to sleep.

The Pachikonjo Beach House Dar Es Salaam Beach Accommodation, is truly the perfect place for an affordable, relaxing escape from the complexity of modern life.

Pachikonjo Beach House
Pachikonjo Beach House- Dar Es Salaam Beach Accommodation



Beach House Rooms at Pachikonjo.
Beach House Rooms at Pachikonjo- Dar Es Salaam Beach Accommodation.


Pachikonjo Beach House Balcony
Pachikonjo Beach House Balcony


Private Dorm Houses

Self Catered

Private Porch

Bathroom and shower facilities

Fantastic Views

The private dorms are a fantastic getaway with a much more private feel. While the beach house is traditionally made from wood and offers a night listening to the wind blow through the rafters and a clear sense of connection to nature the private dorms gives a little more in the way of luxury and seclusion from mother nature. If you would prefer a night in Dar Es Salaam beach accommodation, which is a little more sheltered and the added bonus of a little more privacy,  the dorms will be perfect for you. There is also a private porch for you to enjoy the spectacular views to the east once again rare for Dar Es Salaam beach accommodation. After your comfortable nights sleep, upon your waking you can reconnect with nature on your own terms and watch our resident family of monkeys just behind the dorms.

Chill out and relax on your own terms; know you have the comfort of a hotel and the sublime location of Pachikonjo Beach Resort- Dar Es Salaam beach accommodation. Reconnect on your own terms.

Pachikonjo Beach resort Dorm Houses
Pachikonjo Beach Resort- Dar Es Salaam Beach Accommodation – Dorm Houses