pachikonjo beach resort- dar es salaam beach accommodation

Pachikonjo- Dar Es Salaam -Beach Accommodation at its very best!

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Pachikonjo- Dar Es Salaam Beach Accommodation at its very best!


In this blog, let me tell you a little story about Pachikonjo Beach Resort- Dar Es Salaam Beach Accommodation:

When I arrived in Tanzania this year, it was my second time. I wasn’t necessarily new to the country but it took me quite a few days to get used to the heat again plus drag my body back into a healthy sleeping pattern. It took me more than a while to get back in touch with my inner Tanzanian and settle in after a long, long hard month at work. I had traveled before, in Tanzania, but I had never been Dar Es Salaam beach accommodation south of the city; the vast majority of hotels and resorts had been either north of the city or in Dar Es Salaam itself. So, expectantly I set off in the car, with my companion, to this beach house she had raved about. She had been many times before and spent majority of her time outside of the city sitting at the beach.

It was looking good- we expected traffic through Oyster bay, through the financial districts and into the embassies. As we got closer to the ferry, we could smell the fish markets and people running to catch the next boat to leave. We drove strait on and sat smug with our bottles of water and AC at a very pleasant 16 degrees; a good summers day back home in the uk. It didn’t take long for the ferry to get to the other side and for us to be on our way. The roads for about 15 minutes are tarmacked intermittently with some pot holes almost as big as the car while we followed a van held together by three men holding what resembled parts of a house, standing on the rim of the trailer – it’s quite a normal thing to see from what I’ve learnt. The everyday is fantastic in Tanzania.

We then hit the rough roads for another half an hour or so before we got to our destination. It’s rough but the villages on the way are really vibrant. After passing the army camp and the cement factory we saw our sign.

As we drove into the driveway, we could see the sea birds and palm trees swaying to the swish of the sea. Unlike, much of the Dar Es Salaam beach accommodation, is was quiet, peaceful and clean. We were amazed by the building standing so high and the cool sea breeze that washed over the whole resort; Its safe to say- after driving for an hour and a half in a hot and rattly car- it was much needed.

The subject of dinner was raised as we were getting out and stretching our legs, so we asked the smiling attendant to light the BBQ as we unpacked our things. As it was half 2 in the afternoon, and still too hot for my pale skin, we sat with beers under the shade and waited for our chicken to cook planning our next action. Wolfing down our dinner and like two big kids we ran down to the sea. It was low tide so we walked out into the shallows to look for crabs and sea creatures- we must have walked a good two hundred yards to where we were just in ear shot of the fishermen a little beyond us.

So… there we were taking photos, fooling about and admiring mother nature, we hadn’t noticed that the water was getting higher and higher – by the time we had felt it wrapping around our ankles, it was coming in quite quickly. We started slowly wandering back, still admiring the view. Then, faster when the water hit our knees, then, our tummies and before we knew it we had our phones above our heads and water in our armpits. So when we got back to land what better to do than to put our breakable items on the beach side and get back into the water. Our clothes had shrunk!

That was the first three hours of Pachikonjo and one of many, many fond memories that I have spent there… Today, I wanted to share this because it is one of the memories I hold dearest of my time in Tanzania. I know for sure I will spend many more times in Pachikonjo and Tanzania – I hope the times you have are just as good as the times I have had!!

So if you are looking for Dar Es Salaam beach accommodation look no further. We would love nothing more for you to share some memories with us- please get in touch today and make your own.

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